1. Contact us
Keep us inform of your travel projects.
Our customers' expectations vary in accordance with individual preferences about activities, destinations and also desired atmosphere. Likewise, some customers may like to choose their airlines, their type of hotel among others so we give you the possibility to express your opinion
about it. We are also in charge of the administrative procedures for hiring a guide and/or a driver, and we can provide a wheelchair in case of necessity.

(*1) They are made-to-measure tours created to match with our customers' tastes.
In general, we create them once we receive our customers' requests,
and those tours are designed only for you (except a part of
transportation means).

2. Itinerary proposition
Your advisor will support you during the creation of your personalized tour. Those advices generally concern the content of the tour, our recommended airlines... We stay at your disposal by e-mail, by phone or via your personal page on the website.

3. Free cost estimates
The indicated prices of flight tickets and services included in the program according the destinations are only price estimates. Do not worry, the whole procedure is free up to this point.

4. Starting the travel preparations
Please read carefully the content of our offer and of the cost estimate. After your agreement, our advisors and partners will start the preparations for your trip. From this point, agency fees would cost between \2,000 and \8,000.

What are the agency fees?
Preparing a tour which meets our customers' expectations requires many hours of research among the local partners for accommodation, transportation and interesting visits on site. We also need to check the price and the availability for each of them. This searching phase can require more than 10 hours to our staff. In order to avoid multiple contacts or double-booking with local partners because of some clients who do not have the intention to travel with us, we charge some handling fees to our customers. We thank you for your comprehension. Once the contract is created, those handling fees will be part of the agency fees.

5. Travel content's confirmation
From now on, the itinerary, the included services and the prices will be fixed (the confirmation form will appear on the top of the page). By accepting its content, you will contract with Eurex.Co.Ltd an "Personalized travel contract" and a "Travel organization contract" (*2) as well, and you are usually committed to pay 10 or 15% of the total price. The agency fees are used as deposit and will be part of the total price.

(*2) (The travel clauses confirmation is required) It might be ""arranging tour"" or ""tailor made tours"" or ""agent organized tours"".

6. Last-minute adjustments, payment of the last fees
You may change your mind and ask us to change your fixed itinerary. In this case, our advisors will do their best to answer your request by modifying your itinerary at last minute (additionnal fees may apply). You have to pay the total price at least 40 days before departure.

7. Sending of definitive itinerary and necessary documents
We will send you the definitive itinerary, the hotels vouchers, the insurance policy, the emergency contact numbers and other relevant information concerning your trip at least one week before departure. We stay at your disposal if you have any problem or question before the day of departure.

8. Assistance for departure day and during your trip
You are about to go? Our advisers and staff are available during your trip to help you to solve any problem and to make your trip as pleasant as possible. In case of accident or unexpected event, be informed that assistance working 24/24 and an insurance contract (3*) cover all the risks you are incurring.

"(*3) The assistance and the insurance contract (life insurance, invalidity caused by an accident during transportation, injuries, damages, medical care, first-aid intervention, delay or flight cancellation) only apply within the ""Personalized travel contract"". Do not apply within the ""Travel organization contract""."

Feedback about your trip
Share with us your memories and your feedbacks about your trip! We give great importance to our clients' satisfaction, so we could improve our services if you tell us your opinion. Once you come back, you will collect loyaulty points that you will be able to use in our websites for your future travels.

Here with you all throughout the trip

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